Get to Know Our Family

Our family is big and crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Get to know the members of our crazy clan!

Heads of Our Family

Our Family image Frances

Frances Saucedo

I am a wife and a proud mother of 3. My days are spent working from home and helping my younger children with school (outside of summer of course!) I am a cancer survivor and it has pulled out the fighter in me as well as shifted my outlook on life and my own spiritual journey. My hobbies include fishing and hanging out at the beach. I also love to read, if I can find the time! I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and especially my best buddy Milo!

Our Family Image Santos

Santos Saucedo

I am Frances’ better half. I love fishing, gardening, camping… if it takes place outdoors I’m there. Barbecuing is life, there isn’t a weekend that I don’t fire up the pit. I love having family and friends over, life is a party might as well join in. I enjoy hanging out with my family and exchanging stories about the good ol’ days.

The Kids

Our Family Image Nolan

Nolan Saucedo

I am 11 years old and I am in 6th grade this year. Music is life! I can play the drums, the keyboard, and I love rocking out on my guitar. I have taught myself to play several songs on the keyboard just by ear! If my parents would let me I would be a beach bum! I am a purple belt in karate and just crossed over to boy scouts. My hobbies include swimming and my Beyblades collection.

Our Family Morgan

Morgan “Morgie” Saucedo

I am 9 years old and I love to play video games. No really, my parents have tried to restrict my playing, but I can be sneaky. Flying high on my trampoline and jamming out to music on my own are two of my favorite things. I love when we travel because I LOVE HOTELS!!! I always want to go to a hotel, even when we are home. One of my best friends is my sister’s boyfriend Ryan.

Our Oldest’s Family

Our Family Image Tyler

Tyler Ingersoll

Hey there! I am Frances’s oldest daughter. I am an Early Childhood Teacher and I love it, so much so that I have decided to go back to school for a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education! My mom asked me to partner on this blog with her and bring my love of teaching young children to you! My hobbies include reading, painting, cooking, writing, music, pretty much anything creative. I am a bit of a homebody, except for when I have to be at home. I love getting to know new people and spending time with my friends and family.

Our Family Image Ryan

Ryan DiVincenzo

Hello, I’m Tyler’s boyfriend. I am a Senior in College working on a degree in Anthropology with a Minor in religious studies and am aspiring to attend seminary and become an ordained minister. I live on both ends of the spectrum, spending my free time camping, hiking, or working with my hands outside, or researching philosophy, theology, and spirituality.

Our Family Pets

Michael ‘MJ’ Jackson Saucedo

Our Family Image MJ

Hey I’m MJ and I have a purrrrrrfect life. I have many comfy beds I can steal to sleep in all day, all the food I can eat, and I get to roam around outside at my leisure. I do have to keep an eye on that Milo… he always bothers me, breaks the peace.

Our Family Image Zoey

Zoey Rayne Chanel Saucedo

Hi I’m Zoey!!! I love getting attention and always want to be right by your side. I am always so happy to see everyone and my bottom shows it, my tail is short so my whole bottom shakes. Going for walks and playing fetch is like the best. I love the water and running and rolling in the grass!!! I love treats and full body rubs too, they are the best!!!

Our Family Image Milo

Milo Agustus Saucedo

Hi I’m Milo!!! I am a goofball and I love being the center of attention!!! I am Frances’ right hand, we are always together. She is my best friend!!! I love to play tug of war and giving kisses is like my favorite thing, especially on ears!!! I also love to play with MJ but he always wants to sleep and I don’t know why!!!

Our Family Image Butterscotch

Butterscotch Saucedo

Hi, my name is Butterscotch, and don’t let this picture fool you, I am crazy! I love to watch my people sweep the floor so much that I dig out their potted plants to watch it all over again! Since I’m still a kitten I like to play sneak attack with my people when they are getting up in the morning. I also love to slap Zoey on the head, only with my paw of course, all in good fun!