This Momma is Tired

Have you ever just said, “I’m done?” Well, that is me right now. I love my children more than anything on this earth, but sometimes you just have to put on the brakes! This momma is tired.

Help is on the Way

For my children’s entire educational careers thus far, I have been in direct contact with their teacher’s and administrative staff. Even in times when the teachers and administrative staff have not been so receptive. I check my kiddos homework and find new ways to teach them what they struggle with. Mom even send notes to the teachers explaining how they best learn and samples of how they are “getting it” at home.

I mimic the discipline for behavior in the classroom at home. I’ve even sent baskets of prizes to the counselor’s office as rewards for good days. It seems almost like a disservice to my kids, but it also feels like I am the only one trying consistently. Unfortunately, at some point you run out of resources.

Tough Love

Oh the life of a teenager, especially during middle school. Nolan can do anything, and yet, he decides to “not care.” It is frustrating to talk to him. What are these teens thinking? It seems like the only thing he cares about are his guitars and playing music. That is great, but how do I get it across that he has nothing to do for 8 hours but school during the day? Oh boy! After all the positive reinforcement with no difference in his level of “caring,” I have resorted to full on groundings. Those don’t go over too well, as I am sure you can imagine. I have removed the Switch, Nolan has been without a phone for almost six months, and looses the right to watch television. I would be heart-broken to take his musical instruments, but we are almost there.

The little one, well, he is just a talker. He makes up all sorts of things and will blame the dogs and cats too, if he thinks it will keep him out of trouble. Oh, his smile. It just melts momma bear’s heart and it is so hard to be upset with him. It’s even harder to keep a straight face when I am trying to ground him. I am not sure what I am going to do with these little cuties.

Extracurricular Activities

Karate, Boy Scouts, Guitar…oh my! Nolan has guitar lessons 1 day a week (thank goodness there is no driving), karate 4 days a week, and Boy Scouts 2 times a month. Morgan has karate 2 days a week, tutoring 2 days a week, and Cub Scouts 2 days a month. Add in doctor appointments, birthday parties, and other celebrations, or family activities and this momma is tired!

Let’s just take this past Saturday for instance. We went to 3 birthday parties and a Halloween festival. That’s right, the kids had a blast. Who was tired? You guess correctly, momma! Good thing I had some adult company. This is a typical weekend for us. If it isn’t a birthday party, it is a movie on the lawn at the downtown park, or a trip to a museum. There is so much going on around us and these boys are “social butterflies.” Don’t tell them I just called them butterflies, they will not be happy with me.

Putting on the Brakes

I was talking to my husband and I told him that I did not want to go anywhere anymore. I just want to stay home and work on the house. If you only knew how much there is to do. I am not sure this is going to work out any better. I may need to rethink this all together. You are right…this momma is tired.

I will try to put on the brakes of this crazy life we have created. In the mean time, you let me know what you do to take a step back and just breathe.

Go have a Happy Halloween and stay safe with your little ghouls!

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