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My Breast Cancer Story: Finding a Purpose

As I am working on being okay with my physical body and all the changes, I have been looking for a way to make sense of this journey. Previously, I went through a program with Overcomers and found a new family that is able to understand me and the things I go through. I spent 9 weeks meeting with them. At first, I was closed off, but as time went by I my walls began to lower and my sense of belonging began to grow. They helped me in finding my purpose.

You sit and talk to others that truly know what you have and are experiencing. The thing nobody tells you is that your fight is not over just because you, in my case, make it through a year and a half of chemo, surgeries and six weeks of radiation. No, that is not enough! Then you get to all the side effects that I have spoken about previously. There are memory issues, nerve pains that hit you at all the wrong times if you even get a break from them, and let us not forget the abdominal pains, numbness and countless other issues. No one person experiences all of them or the same as someone else, but we do experience them long after treatment and sometimes they never go away.

It’s groups like Overcomers that tell you it is okay to feel those pains without having to hide that you are feeling them. It is other Pink Sisters that share in your emotions and understand even if they don’t deal with the exact issues you deal with. It is this type of support that allows you to open up and allows you to really see and feel the world around you again.


I have found a passion in just attending events that raise funds for breast cancer patients and survivors. My group does fundraisers throughout the year and I have been attending those for several reasons. I enjoy that the monies raised go to newly diagnosed patients to help with so many things. Whether it is gas to go back and forth to treatments, gifts that help a patient through a treatment, or money given to research. Whatever that looks like, it is worth it to me. I attended a painting fundraiser and we were able to take the pictures that we painted and donated them to a newly diagnosed patient. We wrote notes of encouragement on the back of the frames; it is those small things that make my feel good. It gives me a purpose and that means a lot.

Finding Your Purpose

It is easy to get lost in your own world and this extends to everyone in life. We struggle sometimes to find our purpose, but when you do, there is no greater thing than that. The greatness of a purpose is that in the seasons of life, your purpose can change. If you just follow what God is leading you to, you cannot go wrong. Just be still and listen for that voice inside you guiding you. When you find your purpose, you will be helping others without even realizing it. It becomes a part of who you are and not necessarily what you do.

I am certain I have mentioned, but one day I was sitting in a waiting room to get my radioactive tracer injection when an elderly woman was telling me about why she was there. She was having issues with balance and had been falling, and she did not understand why. As I was called back, I decided to go back into the waiting room because this voice inside continued to nag at me to pray with her. So, I did just that. I was always uncomfortable with things like this, but I asked if I could just put my hand on her shoulder and pray for her. From that moment on, I felt like I found another purpose in life. To just pray for people, pray over people, and pray with people.

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