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Johnny Appleseed Day Art Activity

Most everyone knows of the legend of Johnny Appleseed. For those that don’t, he was a folk hero and pioneer apple farmer during the 1800s. The legend is based on the real life work of John Chapman. All he wanted to do was to grow enough apple trees so that no one would ever go hungry! He would travel West across the country and would plant apple seeds for all the settlements that would follow. He is celebrated on March 11th and I have a fun little art project that your kids will love!

Johnny Appleseed Apple Stamp Art

All you need for this art project is:

An apple cut in half


Paint brush


*Yogurt and food coloring

This project is meant to help develop fine and gross motor skills. Using their hands to grasp the apple works their fine motor development while moving the apple around the paper and stamping it works on their gross motor movement!

First things first, you need to cut the apple in half in order to use it as a stamp

Next, paint one half of the apple

*Another way you can do this is by using yogurt and food coloring! This is a delicious and nutritious way to paint your craft and eat it too!

Then use the apple as a stamp as many times as you want on the paper!

From one to a bushel, it is up to you!

Lastly, take the paint brush and make the stems and leaves!

Remember their art doesn’t have to look just like this! It is important that they have fun and work on their motor skills! As long as they have fun this project is a success!

Ta-Da! You have made a fun apple painting that looks good enough to eat! Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

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