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World Wildlife Day: Celebration and Awareness

March 3rd is World Wildlife Day, a day dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of the worlds wild animals and plants. Every year, World Wildlife Day is given a theme and this year that theme is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.” The focus is to bring awareness to the role that our forests play in sustaining us and the planet. Below are some activities you can enjoy in honor of this awareness day!

Plant a Tree Yourself for World Wildlife Day

One thing that you can do that is very fun and good for the planet! Go to a nursery and buy a sapling to plant in your yard. Use this time to talk about the importance of the forests and what they do to sustain the planet.

Take a Trip to a National Park and Go for a Hike

Get back to nature this World Wildlife Day and plan a trip to a National Park. Go for a hike and explore the different trees around you. Try to identify the various trees by their leaves and learn about them.

Research about Indigenous People Who Live in Forests

Learn How the Forests Support Them for World Wildlife Day

Sit down with your kids and research some indigenous people who live their whole lives in our forests. Tribes like the Yanomamo, Nahua, Bribri, or the Vedda have lived in forests and forested areas for generations. Look into how they live their lives and how their home helps to sustain them.

Make Masks of Forest Animals

For a fun craft your kids can do, print out animal faces and have your kids color and decorate them to make some face masks! For some extra fun, they can act out the animal they are wearing!

The forests are super important to the stability of life on our planet. Not only do animals eat the plants, they provide us with the oxygen we need to be able to survive. There is much to learn about our planets plant life and the forests. What did you learn or do to celebrate World Wildlife Day? Tell us about it in the comments or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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