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Fun Valentine’s Day Craft from Kids to Family

Valentine’s Day is a day for letting the people in your life know how much you love them! It is important to teach children the importance of expressing love to those important in their life. One way to do this and make it fun for kids is by sitting down to make homemade valentines!

Working brings out creativity!

I was working with my kiddos at Bright Horizons and had a fun idea for a card to send home to parents on Valentine’s Day. For it all you need is:

White Cardstock (or if you want to be more colorful pink is fun too!)

Red paint

Empty toilet paper roll

Rubber band or hair tie

Black ink pen or fine point sharpie


Picture of your child(ren) with their hands out looking like they are holding balloons

Valentine’s Day Balloon Bouquet Card

This card is super cute and easy to do!

Cut out the pictures and glue them to the card stock

Take the toilet paper roll and bend it so it makes a heart, wrap a rubber band around it so that it holds

Dip the newly made heart stamp in red paint and stamp hearts on the paper

Lastly, draw little triangles under the hearts to make a tab and draw a straight line connecting each of the “balloons” to your child’s hand!

For an extra cute twist you can download a poem to put on the back of the card! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Click here for some more fun Valentine’s Day crafts for your kids!

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