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Fewer Gifts and More Experiences

It is so easy to buy tons of gifts for your little ones, but as they grow things change. The holiday season is about giving and thinking of others; it is arguably the most important part of this time of year. So you want your children to know that receiving gifts is not the most important part of the season. Of course regular gifts are fun but they only last for a little while. They break, get old, or your kids just grow out of them. Since that is what tends to happen, wouldn’t it be better to get them something that lasts longer? It is so much more fun to teach your children that life experiences and making memories is better than any material gift that they can get.

Monster Jam and Other Fun Experiences

Last year for Christmas, my husband and I started limiting the number of material gifts and instead introducing experiences to our boys. We bought them noise cancelling headphones and attached Monster Jam tickets. Yes, they had to wait about a month to attend Monster Jam; but it gave them something to look forward to and now we have memories forever of that time we spent together.

Monster Jam 2019

Here are some great experiences you can give your kids for Christmas, Birthday’s and any other celebratory days. Concert tickets, a weekend at a kid friendly resort, Monster Jam, a sporting event and the list goes on and on. The point is, memories last a lifetime and toys last a season.

Along with switching toys for experiences, we need to be teaching our children the gift of giving from the heart. Making homemade cards and distributing them at a nursing home. Making crafts to give as gifts to family and friends. Simply calling to tell someone how much they are loved. These are the what make life worth living and teaches the little ones that love is more important than material things.

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