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What are Your Holiday Traditions?

What are your Christmas holiday traditions? When my daughter was little, we used to get a lemon, cut it in half and place a peppermint stick in it. The acid from the lemon would eat away the swirly part creating something like a straw. We always had those as we decorated our tree. Those were great times and something she remembers to this day.

Back then, I always allowed my daughter to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Then she would get to open everything else Christmas morning. Is this the way you celebrate Christmas with your children? There are so many traditions and we all celebrate in different ways. Over the years, our traditions have changed.

Christmas Eve Party 2018

Now that we have two little boys, we always watch Polar Express and read the book during the holiday. Before the boys came along, my husband and his family always went to midnight mass and then opened gifts upon their return. However, as the years went on this changed and my husband and I began hosting a Christmas Eve Party. We try to have a theme every year; last year it was PJ’s. It was a great party!

Everyone stops by and we serve chili and cornbread, tamales and everyone brings side dishes and desserts. We always play the White Elephant game with everyone. Last year, we started playing a game where we wrap gifts in saran wrap and have one person try unwrapping it with pot holders on while the next person has to roll doubles on the die and then it is there turn and so on. It was a blast. We had an adult version and a kid version.

Once everyone leaves and it is just our immediate family, we have all the kids sit down and we pass out gifts. They open all the gifts from other family members as do the adults. The remainder of the gifts stay under the tree and are opened Christmas morning after Santa has made his rounds. This tradition has been ongoing for years and will likely continue as we become grandparents.

Do you have any traditions for the Christmas holiday that are unique? We would love to hear about them.

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