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Helping Hands: Helping our Veterans

Our veterans sacrifice so much for us without asking for anything in return. Luckily, there are several things that we can do to say thank you!

Donations to Help Veterans

Donate to a veteran’s organization

There are so many organizations that offer programs that help our veterans. From programs that help wounded vets to ones that offer assistance for current servicemembers experiencing financial difficulties, and so many more. Do you donate to a college or university? You can earmark your donations to support programs and services supporting vets, or even donate them to scholarships for vets. If you have extra funds and want to donate them to a great cause any organizations helping veterans is a worthy cause!

Donate frequent-flyer miles

If you travel a lot you tend to rack up lots of frequent-flyer miles. Did you know you can donate them? Consider donating some of them to the Hero Miles Program. “They provide round-trip tickets to wounded, ill, or injured servicemembers and family members undergoing treatment at a military or VA medical center.

Supporting Veterans

Support veteran-owned businesses

Did you know that 9% of the 27 million small businesses in the U.S. are veteran-owned? Frequenting these business helps to support veterans, so next time you are shopping for anything check to see if any veterans offer the services or items you are looking for!

Spend Time with a Vet and Really Listen

How do you give back to someone who was willing to sacrifice everything? One way you can help is by simply spending time with them and really listening to them. So many veterans end up socially isolated which can negatively effect their mental and physical well-being. Get to know veterans in your area and spend time with them and make sure they are not socially isolated.

Send a Letter or a Care Package

Through Operation Gratitude, you can send care packages, letters, or gifts to veterans. Work through them to send your appreciation or volunteer with them to help assemble care packages!

Volunteer your Time and/or Skills

Drive a veteran to a doctors appointment

There are many veterans who have a hard time making it to doctor’s appointments due to disability or being infirm. If you have your driver’s license volunteer for the Department of Veterans Affairs Transportation Network. This service is provided by all 170 VA medical facilities. To offer your help reach out to the hospital service coordinator at your local VA hospital.

Volunteer at a VA hospital

If you have some time to spare maybe you could spend it at your local VA hospital. Whether you are working directly with patients, helping with recreational programs, or offering companionship the VA would be happy to help you in volunteering your time.

Build a house for a veteran

Building Homes for Heroes works to build and modify homes in order to suit the needs of vets injured in Iraq or Afghanistan. These houses are mortgage-free for veterans and their families. You can volunteer your skills to help in the building of these homes, or you can donate directly to the cause.

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