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Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month! It is a time to recognize Native peoples, their cultures, and everything they have contributed. Sit down as a family and explore the many amazing Native American cultures out there!

Crafts to Celebrate Native American Art and Culture

Here are some crafts that are not only fun to make but give kids a way to experience and appreciate these cultures and their history.

Corn husk doll

Corn, also called maize, has been a staple in Native American culture throughout most of North America. No part of the maize plant went to waste. Stalks became poles, walking sticks, or kindling for fires. Corncobs became pipes and fire starters. After being soaked in water and softened, corn husks were used to make rope, mats, and dolls! You can make one too with some corn husks you can buy from the grocery store. Be Brave, Keep Going has a great post about making corn husk dolls, gather your kids and let them make their very own doll!

Flint Corn and Flint Corn Paintings

In our post about fun fall crafts we made beaded flint corn using pony beads and pipe cleaners. This is a great activity for your little ones, helping them working on their fine motor skills while they enjoy making a fun and unique craft.

Another fun craft is painting your own flint corn. For this all you will need is 2 corn shaped pieces of card stock, bubble wrap, a hole punch, twine, and paint (I used brown, orange, and yellow.) Cut out the card stock and using the bubble wrap dab paint making the corn kernels. Once done and the paint dries, tie the two together with twine!

Coil Pottery

Coil Pottery is a tradition that goes back over 2000 years! Grab some Crayola Air Dry Clay and your child could make their own coil pot. This is an activity for grades 3-8 and is a lot of fun!

Read a Book by a Native Author

If you and/or your children love to read, look into reading a book from a Native American author! Poetry, novels, children’s books – there are many possibilities. Anthony Falcon is a local author from Texas who wrote a beautiful story called Be Brave, Be Brave, Be Brave; a story about overcoming adversity and being proud of your heritage. Something we all can learn from!

Support Native American-Owned Small Business

There are many issues with businesses claiming that their products are Native-made in order to increase their sales. Not only is this illegal, it hurts the true Native-owned small businesses. Fashion and beauty/skincare to arts and food/drink, there are many small businesses that are Native American-owned. Beyond Buckskin has a list of these businesses and their own shop. Browse around maybe you’ll find something you love or would love to try while you support small business in the process!

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