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Colorful and Enchanting Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall is such an inspiring time of year! All of the colors and amazing scents bring up many memories, so why not create some with your kids with these fun Fall crafts!

Fall Crafts with Paint

Autumn Leaf Painting

For this painting gather up some leaves, paints, and a piece of cardstock or canvas! You will place the leaves down on the canvas and paint over the sides creating a negative imprint of the leaves surrounded by color! I love being able to mix up the colors and show the shape of the leaves!

Fall Crafts Tree Painting

This Fall craft is fun because you can use so many different materials to make the leaves! Balled up aluminum foil, bubble wrap, a loofah, yarn, etc. – they all give a different kind of texture that make the painting unique! For mine I used a loofah! Use this free tree template to print off your tree to paint however you want!

Leaf Salt Painting

This is a fun take on watercolor painting! This can be done year round, but I used leaves to bring it to Fall! To do this painting all you need is a piece of cardstock, glue, salt, and some watercolor paints!

How to make a salt painting

  1. Gather your supplies
    • Cardstock – I used white but feel free to use whatever light color you want!
    • Liquid glue
    • Salt
    • Watercolors and a paintbrush
  2. Next you take the glue and make the outline of leaves. If you are not good with free hand don’t worry! You can trace out the leaves on the paper first like I did!
  3. After you cover the outlines in glue add the salt. I did them one at a time, just to make sure the glue didn’t dry.
  4. Next you set up your watercolors and paint the salt crystals.
  5. Let it dry and see the beautiful end result

Miscellaneous Crafts

Fall Inspired Play Dough

Everyone loves play-doh but did you know you could make some at home with ingredients in your pantry? Use this recipe I found from NurtureStore to make some great homemade playdough. Want some extra Fall inspiration? Throw in some cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, or ground cloves to explore some fun Fall scents!

Want some color to liven up your playdough? Just use some food coloring or liquid watercolor and add to your desired shade! Wrap the playdough in plastic wrap to help it last longer!

Favorite Fall Crafts: Leaf Etching

When the leafs fall, gather some up and grab some paper and crayons and make a leaf etching! This is one of those Fall crafts that is super easy and mess free!

  1. Gather leaves from outside and bring them inside
  2. Get paper and crayons
  3. Place leaves under the paper and color over them
  4. Observe the beautiful texture of the leaves you colored onto paper!

Leaf Suncatcher

Personally, I love suncatchers! The colors are so beautiful, and for some reason they just make me smile! So This was a fun Fall craft for me to do!

What you’ll need

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and leaf templates (to trace the cutouts)
  • Colored tissue paper – to keep with Fall I used red, orange, yellow, and brown!
  • Contact paper

This craft is a bit more labor intensive so it is geared more towards older kids but the end result is beautiful!

How to make a Suncatcher

First step is to trace the leaf templates; you are going to have to make sure that you do an outside and inside border (See next step)

Next you will cut out the outside border followed by the inside removing the middle leaving a hollow center. You will need to create two of these so you can sandwich the tissue paper in the middle!

Cut up the tissue paper into little scraps. Place the leaf outlines onto the contact paper and fill the middle in with the scraps of tissue paper.

Once you have filled in the middle with tissue paper, placed the second leaf outline on top to sandwich in the colorful middle and place another piece of contact sheet on top sealing it together! Cut off the excess contact sheeting and you have a colorful suncatcher to hang up!

Beaded Flint Corn Fall Craft

Normally when we think of corn we think of it being all yellow, but Flint corn is multicolored and makes a beautiful addition to your Fall decor. Using some pipe cleaners and multi-colored pony beads you can make some Flint corn too!

How to make beaded flint corn

  1. Take four brown pipe cleaners, lining them up evenly, twist them in the middle and spread out the 8 ends.
  2. Take the pony beads and apply them to each of the ends, be sure to keep about an inch at the end to connect the husk – and remember to keep the coloring random!
  3. Once you have filled all 8 of the ends bring them together and twist the exposed ends to close the corn and you are done!

Craft time is a fun and memorable experience for everyone. So gather your loved ones sit around the table and work on some fun Fall crafts together! If you have made any of these crafts we would love to see them on our Facebook or Twitter!

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