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Tales of Terror: Ghost Tracks

The legend of the Ghost Tracks is well known, though stories vary from source to source. The “haunted” tracks are located in San Antonio near Mission San Juan on Shane Rd.

The Legend

The most well known version is believed to have happened some time during the 30s-40s. A school bus carrying children, stalled on the train tracks. The oncoming train, unable to stop, slammed into the bus killing all the children and the driver inside. Regardless what version you have heard, it always ends with everyone dying and their souls not moving on. When you stop on the tracks, the spirits of the children push your vehicle over them and out of harms way.

In another version of the story it was a group of 10 Sunday school students being driven by a nun. They were hit and all the children died leaving the nun as the sole survivor. Because she was the driver of the van, she was wrecked with guilt in the deaths of her students. As a result, she planned to commit suicide. So she sat her car on the train tracks waiting for an oncoming train. When the train was coming, she felt her car move over the tracks and to safety. She believed that her students saved her from committing suicide.

Ghost Tracks Today

Through the years there has been much debate about whether this “haunting” is real. Some have said it has been debunked and there is a natural cause. Other’s swear up and down that there is paranormal activity taking place here. Many people have claimed they have seen small hand prints appear in powder they throw on the back of their car. Is it true? We’ll let you decide!

Have you visited the Ghost Tracks? Did you see hand prints on your car? Share your experiences with us in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter.

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