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Tales of Terror: Ghosts of the Menger Hotel

The longest continually running hotel West of the Mississippi river, the Menger Hotel has a deep rooted history and has been labeled a World Historic Site in San Antonio, TX.

History of the Menger Hotel

In 1855, William Menger built the building that would become the magnificent Menger Hotel. It got its start as a brewery, then two years later, William and his wife Mary built a two-story fifty room hotel for the guests staying at their brewery. It became so popular that a three-story addition was built soon after.

Several ‘big names’ including some president’s have called the Menger Hotel a home away from home! Some include:

  • Founder of King Ranch Captain Richard King
  • Baseball legend Babe Ruth
  • French stage actress Sarah Bernhardt
  • Irish poet Oscar Wilde
  • American short story writer William Sydney Porter aka O. Henry
  • Southern Civil War General Robert E Lee
  • Various Presidents through the years:
    • Ulysses S Grant
    • Benjamin Harrison
    • Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt
    • Woodrow “Woody” Wilson
    • Dwight D Eisenhower

The Menger Hotel has seen many guests pass through its doors over the years. There are some however, who have not checked out!

Resident Ghosts of the Menger Hotel

For 161 years, this hotel has been hosting guests and moreover, it is located in an area that has seen quite a bit of life and death. So it’s no surprise that some people have stayed around. Former staff, guests, even ghosts believed to have fought during the Battle of the Alamo! Over the years, the count of resident ghosts has reached 43!

Sallie White

Sallie White is a maid who worked, and supposedly died, at the hotel. She has been seen walking around the hallways on the third floor continuing her work.

Captain Richard King

Richard King is known to haunt his favorite room on the second floor, the King Ranch Suite. King had such a love for the hotel that when he knew he was ill, he booked this room and remained there until he passed away. The hotels parlor room was the setting for King’s funeral. Although there have been renovations to that part of the hotel over the years, King shows no mind as he moves through the wall where the door once stood.

Teddy Roosevelt

Visit the Menger Bar and you just might Teddy Roosevelt sitting down having a drink. Bar patrons and staff have said they have seen Teddy sitting at a table having a drink like he did all those years ago recruiting the hardworking Texas cowboys to join his Rough Rider crew!

Could it be Louis Moses Rose?

One of my favorite stories is that of a guest who, after taking a shower, saw a man standing in his room. He is reported that he said “Are you gonna stay, or are you gonna go?” three times before disappearing. While his identity is unknown, it could be the ghost of Louis Moses Rose. Known as “the coward of the Alamo,” Rose was the only man not to cross the line drawn by William Travis to fight against Santa Anna during the Battle of the Alamo; or so the story goes.

Have you visited the Menger Hotel? Have you had a ghostly encounter of your own? Share with us in the comments, or on our Facebook or Twitter!

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