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Super Cool Science: How to Grow Your Own Rainbows

Everyone loves rainbows! Rainbows symbolize peace, serenity, good luck, and even promises. Not to mention they are beautiful to look at. Bring rainbows inside by growing your own using a paper towel, markers and water!

What you’ll need

  • Paper towel sheet
  • Markers
  • 2 galsses or jars
  • Water

How to grow your rainbows

You will take the paper towel and fold it in half along its long side. Then you will take the markers and color about an inch or two up both ends. Color them the same way you see the colors in the rainbow! Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Violet (make sure that the colors are the same on both sides.

Once you are done, fill up the glasses with enough water that each end will be submerged. Then watch as the paper towel soaks up the water and draws the colors together toward the center creating a rainbow!

How does this happen?

This happens because a property of water called capillary action. Water is pulled up the paper towel from its source (ie the cup or jar.) This is because the water adheres, or sticks to, the paper towel and will continue to do that until the entire paper towel is wet. With the marker on both ends, the water will pull the colors along with it connecting them together in the middle!

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