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My Breast Cancer Story: You Still Have Active Cancer… Here are Chemo Pills

As I mentioned previously, I was told that active cancer was still in both my breast and my lymph nodes at the time of surgery. My oncologist advised me to go on oral chemo (yay more pills…) for another six months at that time. I was so tired of being tired…of having stomach pain, having numbness, and nerve pain from where my nerves were cut; I said I would think about it.

Promises and Pills

When this journey began, I promised my sons that I would do everything I possibly could to make sure that cancer is not what would take me off the face of this earth. As I came home from that oncology visit, I thought about that promise. I cried about it knowing that I was going to make another appointment to get the information for my third round of chemo.

It was unknown whether the cancer had spread any further, so my oncologist’s suggestion was that I go on an oral chemo for six months. I thought, “six more months?” Just the sound of it made it feel like an eternity. The doctor was pleased that I decided to take the chemo and she put in the order.

Getting through the chemotherapy

I sat at home waiting on the delivery on a hot day in July, when it finally arrived. I laughed so hard when it came because the box was huge and it housed a little bottle of pills. It was because they had to stay cool so they were packed in ice and shipped. I got a little chuckle about it, and these days a chuckle is always welcome. The chemo pill regimen began in July, and I took them through mid-January.

My oncologist put me on a high dose, 3000mg a day for two weeks, then off for a week. It was discovered that my liver levels had increased. The dosage had to be lowered; my doctors wanted to make sure that the pills were causing it and not a separate liver issue. Once, my oncologist was sure it was the medication, I was back at the original dose.

I was excited the closer it got to January. When January came, I had my oncology appointment. I was thrilled to finally be done and looking forward to getting the first of my reconstruction surgeries.

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