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My Breast Cancer Story: Quality Time with Family

Even through all this cancer stuff, I did have fun and spend quality time with my family. The chemo made me sick, tired, and caused everything from my knees down to go numb. The radiation gave me minor burns and made me tired. Mister mastectomy just took me to a dark spot, but through it all, I still managed to have some good times with my family. Matter of fact, quality time with my family is what helped me get through it.

Tourists in our own city!!!

It was during one of my long stretches of feeling good that we took all the kids to the Riverwalk and did some touristy things like the Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, shopping and of course…eating! We took lots of pictures and just acted goofy. It is in moments like cancer when capturing memories becomes so important.

Mother’s Day 2019: A day full of quality family time

In May, 2019, Tyler came over and spent the day with me and the boys for Mother’s Day. I was ready to be pampered! She brought homemade spa treatments and healthy snacks. We laughed, looked silly, and danced to Madonna just like the old days. It was the best Mother’s Day I ever had.

Activities with my boys!!!

March 16, 2019, I watched Nolan and Morgan win trophies in their respective Pinewood Derby races in Cub Scouts. Morgan was so excited as it was is first time to win a trophy. There is so much joy in watching all the kids at the Pinewood Derby; their excitement, when they congratulate each other, and the good sportsmanship.

One of my favorite things to do is watch my boys participate in their karate tournaments. Watching their confidence grow and seeing them learning about sportsmanship just makes my heart smile.

I guess I just want to share that even when you are going through something terrible, there is always light shining somewhere and good things are happening all around you. So, don’t miss them!

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