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My Breast Cancer Story: Radiation

Where did I leave off? Oh, that’s right, I was about to start radiation. It was mid-April when my radiation therapy began. I had to drive to San Antonio Monday through Friday for six weeks to get my radiation treatment. It took me twice as long to drive to the treatment than it did to receive the treatment. It was a little crazy. At first, I was nervous about it, but it was not so bad. The machines can be intimidating for sure. The hardest part was staying completely still.

My mom would take me to almost all of these appointments. You guys, my mom was a rock through all my treatments. We just sat in the waiting area talking about the day, watching HGTV, or working on a puzzle. You go so often you really get to know the staff and it makes the whole thing easier as well. It feels less clinical.

The saddest part of my radiation treatment was when a little boy began coming the same times I did. He didn’t speak English, so I couldn’t speak with him, but my heart just broke. The first time I saw him, I said a quick prayer that I would take on whatever was happening in his body if he could just be free from it. He always had a smile though. You could see how much his mom loved him and you could feel how much she must hurt for him.

Toward the end of my radiation treatments, I got a very hoarse voice and I had to go see a laryngologist. In the end, the doctor said that trauma likely had caused it. I asked what kind of trauma and they said emotional trauma. What? I have never heard of that. They said that it is not uncommon for someone who hears that they have a serious illness to get this and over time, it would get better, which it did.

My last day of radiation was May 30, 2019. My mom got all dressed and when I said, “you look so pretty, but why are you all dressed up?” She said, holding back her tears, “because it is a big day.” Then my husband, who I thought was at work, showed up with beautiful roses. We all celebrated my last day of radiation, I rang the bell, got my certificate and we were out the door!

I wanted to take a trip to Missouri to visit my family because I hardly ever see them and with cancer, you never know when it will rear its ugly head, so I booked a flight for the day after I finished radiation. A weeks vacation in Missouri while Santos stayed home and took care of our boys gave me mixed emotions. He deserved a vacation too. I had a great time seeing everyone. It did my soul good.

I saw my radiation therapist for the last time, so I thought until she told me I had to go back to see her in November 2020. It never ends. I had another visit with my oncologist and she said she was going to give me a break for a month before she put me back on chemo. The break came and went then on July 6, 2019, we were back on medication.

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