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Fun Family Game Night: Co-Op Board Games

During family game nights, does competition tend to take over the fun? Heavy competitive nature can definitely dampen game night fun. Don’t give up! Instead go from games that are competitive to games that are cooperative! Cooperative, or co-op, board games are games where everyone works together towards a common goal.

Ryan and his family introduced me to co-op games and they really are a blast! There are three in particular that are my absolute favorites:

Castle Panic

This game accommodates 1-6 players ages 7+. Each player holds a set number of defense cards and during each round players take turns using their cards to slay the monsters that are trying to take over the castle. There a several expansion packs that add replay value and content making the game more exciting! There is even a version for kids 3 and up!

Forbidden Island

The goal of this game is for 2-7 players to move around the island collecting 4 treasures as the island sinks around you. The game is quick to set up, easy to learn, and can provide hours of fun! There are additional versions of this game including Forbidden Desert; this version is slightly more difficult but still loads of fun!

5 Minute Dungeon

A group of 2-5 players sit down and use their cards and powers to make it through a dungeon! This game gives a small insight into the larger and more complex game of Dungeons and Dragons, when it comes to cooperation in defeating a common enemy using your skills and powers!


This game is for 2-4 players ages 8+ and you work together as a team to stop deadly diseases that threaten the globe! You travel the world fighting off infections as you collect cards to find the cures! It’s a race against the clock to stave off disaster as epidemics and outbreaks continue to spread! This game is loads of fun and game play is about 45 minutes. Can your team cure diseases before it is too late?

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle

This is a light deck building game where you play through all seven books in the series! If you have several Harry Potter fans in the house this just might be the game for you!

Co-Op board games are great activities to bring families together during game night. Lessen the competitive nature and come together to work towards a common goal!

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