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Primary Colors Bag: an Infant Art Activity

Infants are naturally curious and are ready to explore anything and everything! Why not introduce them to the beauty of art! This is a perfect activity for tummy time or helping your little one work on their balance while standing up! Grab some primary colors and let’s go!

Primary Colors Bag

All you need for this activity is:

Acrylic paint in red, blue, and yellow

Quart sized bags

Tape (duct, masking, or electrical work best)

All you have to do is put together some bags with two colors each: red and blue, red and yellow, blue and yellow. Tape the bags closed and put them within reach of your little one. They will do the rest! Sitting there with them and talking about what is happening brings the excitement up for them.

“Oh wow! Look at what you did! You mixed the blue and red! It made the color purple! That is so amazing!”

Talking to your baby while they are exploring is a great way to engage with them and help teach them about what they see! Have fun exploring primary colors with your little one!

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