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Family Cook-Off: Ready… Set… Let’s get cooking!

Friendly competitions can be a fun way to bond with family. Food helps in bringing people together. Why not combine the two and have a fun family cook-off! Gather your family in the kitchen and get ready to show what you got!

Bringing cook-off competitions home!

My family cannot be the only one who enjoys watching those cooking competition shows! Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, and more! Why not take the cooking competitions off of the television and into your own kitchen for a family cook-off!

There are many ways you can put together a cooking competition with your family! Cooking is more than an activity. At the end of it all you will get a delicious treat or even a meal! Grab your aprons and throw on your chef hats for a night of fun memories!

Family Cook-Off Ideas

Teamed up or done individually these ideas all offer plenty of fun activities that will offer many wonderful memories!

Theme Night

Pick a theme! Type of food (ie Italian, Mexican, American, vegetarian,) meal portion (ie entree, side, dessert,) etc. and get to cooking! This option gives you more flexibility in things you can make while keeping parameters for the competition! Maybe you can give burgers a try? Or how about making a delicious salad? Always wanted to try your hand making creme brulee? So many delicious options at your fingertips!

Who Cooked it Best?: Complete Meal Family Cook-Off

Each team, or individual, is responsible for one portion of the meal (ie appetizer, entree, side, dessert.) Work together to create an amazing dinner that everyone will enjoy! Best part is, even though you are competing for who made the best food, everyone still wins by enjoying this family cooked meal!

Chopped: Family Cook-Off Showdown!

Partner up or go head to head in a family cook-off where you assign one ingredient, or more if you are daring, that must be used in your dish! Make it something common like rosemary or grape tomatoes, or make it off the wall like pickled okra or dragon fruit! The choices for ingredients is endless, so feel free to get creative with it!

$5 Snack/Treat Competition

Team up and take a run to the grocery store! Each team gets $5 to by ingredients to make their dish. Pick out what ingredients you would like to use, buy them, and take them home! Cook your dishes and present them for judging! This one is fun if you are looking to make treats or snacks like these:

Pepperoni Pizza Paninis

Cream Cheese Ice Cream with Guava Syrup

Beignet Waffles with Cafe au Lait Syrup

Sweet and Spicy Breakfast Burritos

Fun Family Bake-Off

Baking competitions are just as fun, though they have a tendency to be a bit messier. If you are one who does not mind the mess, gather your crew and try out one of these activities!


Have you seen that show Nailed It? If you have then you know how much fun it is to watch people who are not professional try their hand at decorating a cake to look exactly like (or at least as close as can be) a professionally completed cake. For Thanksgiving last year Ryan and I did a #NailedIt challenge with the family using cupcakes! It was so much fun and led to some interesting creations! Turkey’s, pumpkin pie, a sunflower, among others. It is something that we decided to try and do every year!

Cupcake/Cake Wars

If you like to bake try your hand at baking something different than your typical strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla! Team up and set a theme and see what delectable delicacy’s your team can come up with! So many ingredients, so many possibilities!

There are so many fun family activities that you can choose from and family cook-offs are definitely included. Gather up your ingredients and make some delicious family memories!

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