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My Breast Cancer Story: Support is Everything!

When I was first diagnosed, I contacted my cousins in Missouri and told them. Their mother, my Auntie, was someone I was very close to. A few years before my diagnosis she passed away from a different type of cancer. Upon her diagnosis, Tyler and I got on a plane to go visit my Auntie and the family for a week. I needed those memories. My cousins seemed like they could sense a spiritual thing going on with me after my diagnosis. I believe that is what compelled them to come and see me like I went to see their mom.

Making Family Memories

We spent time talking about the old days, and cried over the unknown future. We were downtown seeing the sights, and enjoying each other’s company. There was a moment we were walking outside the mall where this man was playing some beautiful Christian music and my younger cousin started singing. We all stood there watching and singing. I felt the spirit run through me and I just stood there singing and crying. It was a beautiful moment.

My husband, daughter, two sons, my cousins and I spent a fun-filled day at the Pearl. My boys had their Halloween costumes on and they enjoyed scaring everyone. We took lots of pictures and made a lot of wonderful memories.

Personal Demons

I have never been very close to my family. Having them come visit and spend time with me gave me mixed emotions. Was it because they felt an obligation? Because they know their mom would have wanted it? Was it because they were afraid it would be the last time they would see me? Or was it because they love me and wanted to be there to support me. I know what the answer is, but I still had these thoughts. I am sure it is because I don’t see any of my family very often; all of my insecurities creep in and make me wonder what everyone’s motives are.

Regardless of what I was thinking, I felt grateful, loved, and appreciated. It was a wonderful visit and one I wish I could have more often.

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