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Squirt Gun Art Activity: Sure to be a Blast!

Are your kids suffering the summertime blues? It’s inevitable, eventually the kids echo in a chorus of “I’m bored!!!” Instead of offering up the same old types of activities give this Squirt Gun Watercolor Art Activity a try! Best part is, this activity is fun for kids of all ages (yes, even you mom and dad!)

If you have water guns whip them out for a super fun art activity that could also turn into an all out battle! (Just be sure your kids wear clothes you don’t mind staining as watercolor concentrate does stain!) What you will need:

Watercolor Paper

Liquid Watercolors (I would recommend diluting them with a little water)

Water Guns (or spray bottles work just as fine)

Easel (or use a thumbtack to tack it on a tree!)

Clothes you don’t mind getting dirty or possibly stained 🙂

Your creativity!

Once you set up the paper call your kids out and help them fill up their water guns with liquid watercolors. Finally it’s time to start painting away at their own beautiful creations! When they are done, just lay the paper out somewhere to dry (try putting a rock on it to keep the masterpiece from blowing away!)

I did this squirt gun art activity with my brothers Nolan and Morgan! They LOVED IT! I was so excited to watch them work on their beautiful works of art and have loads of fun doing it! This activity is definitely a keeper!

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