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Bringing Fun into Daily Chores: How to Make Laundry Day into a Learning Experience

Household chores are a drag. Personally, my least favorite chore is laundry… Am I the only one? (I doubt it!) It seems never to end, always a load to wash, fold, and put away. I wish I had a robotic maid like Rosie to help with it so I don’t have to do it.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in the Jetsons world in 2062. On the other hand, there is some fun and education that can be had doing all your daily household chores!

Laundry Woes

Normally we always try to do laundry around our toddler’s. We fold it just for us to turn our backs for one second and it is all in a pile on the floor. Ahhhh!!! You know they want to help but it always seems to do the opposite. Well good news, you can make laundry day a fun and educational day for your little ones!

That’s right!

You can make laundry a fun and educational activity for your toddler! Who knew?

There is so much to talk about in a child’s world, doing laundry is no exception! Why not use it as a prime time to help build their language and literacy skills! There is so much to do, so there is never a dull moment.

Sorting colors, counting clothes, searching for shapes, letters, and numbers. How about while folding the clothes you ask them to pick out the clothes you need to fold “Can you hand me the blue shirt? Can you hand me the red scarf?” Or how about while the load is in the dryer curl up with your little one and read a book!

Check out this list of activities from NAEYC to make laundry time fun and educational for you and your child!


Celano, Donna C, and Susan B Neuman. “Message in a Backpack Fun Ways to Build Your Child’s Literacy Skills While Doing Laundry Together.” NAEYC, 2019,

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