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Change Your Mindset: Building a Positive Perspective

You go outside to drink your first cup of coffee for the morning, but OOPS you just spilled it! You get in your car to head for work, but OMG you have a flat tire! It would be easy to start your morning on a negative note, but is that the right thing to do? Of course it isn’t! We have to change our mindset.

Looking at the Metaphoric Glass and How to Change Your Mindset

You can look at life in one of two ways, and you have all heard this before, looking at a half-empty glass or a half-full glass. It doesn’t mean you won’t have bad days, but what it does mean is that you have the ability to move through it toward a more positive ending. Once you are able to do this, you will notice that not only does your mindset shift, but things in your life start shifting in a more positive direction as well.

You know your children are watching you right? Yeah, you better believe it! So, if you go through your day getting down or upset when things don’t go your way, what do you expect your children to do? They are great at emulating what they see and you certainly don’t want them emulating anger do you? Let’s get it together and start seeing things in a more positive light. You can always find something good in what is happening.

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible!”

~ Audrey Hepburn

If nothing is impossible, then get started today. Change the way you think and the way you see things. It is one of the most important things you will do because it can and will change everything.

“Believe you can… and you are halfway there!”

~Theodore Roosevelt

Maybe look into a simple method of meditation to begin your day or say a morning prayer. It doesn’t have to be long; just something to get your mindset in the right place to start the day. Try to find 3 good things every single day. Make eye contact and say hello to others, you may change their mindset! Get out there, be courageous, be positive and above all be kind!

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