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Date Nights at Home: How to have a fun night in!!!

Date nights!!!

You’ve been looking forward to some one on one time for what feels like forever. But wait, coronavirus has made being out in public risky. Maybe you are separated from your significant other. So now you have to do date night from home and through a computer… what a bummer!

It is easy to fall into the same routines; eat dinner together and maybe watch that new Netflix Original that has caught y’alls eye. While that is a great time, it starts to become mundane. What to do what to do?…

Recently my daughter Tyler and her boyfriend Ryan have had to spend a lot of time apart. She has spoken to me about how difficult it has been to be apart. She mentioned that to try to help they have decided to do virtual date nights!!! How sweet!!! I asked her to share some fun date night ideas.

Date Nights In

Hey guys! Tyler and Ryan here to share some date night ideas to help keep you together even while apart.

When all else fails… Netflix?

It all started when we had been watching The Office on Netflix for the 1000th day in a row. Tired of doing the same thing every single day, we had a long discussion that ended with us still not knowing what else to do.

As a result, Ryan created a list of date ideas that we could do even though we were apart and can be just as fun when done together. They range from being lazy in front of the tv or reading books to studying or taking classes on topics together and everything in between. Here is a list of our top 5 date night ideas!!!

Our Current Top 5 Date Night In Ideas!!!

1. Reading to each other

I can’t be the only who feels soothed by the sound of my significant other’s voice… anyone else? If that is you, why not give reading to each other a try!!! Pick out a book and start off on a literary adventure together!!! Who knows where y’all might end up? Adventuring through the lands of Narnia. Maybe traveling across Middle Earth from Hobbiton to Dale. Or joining up with Dr. Holmes in solving the Case of the Baskervilles!!! There is no limit to where you can go together from the comfort of your own home.

2. Virtual Museum

I have always loved going to museums, and so does Ryan!!! That led to going out to museums for dates. With the current circumstances many places are closed but thankfully that doesn’t take museum dates completely out of the question. Many museums, zoos, and aquariums have put up virtual tours and webcams allowing you to visit anytime anywhere!!! Art fan? Hit up MOMA, the Louvre, or the Vatican Museum!!! Craving a journey to the past? Why not visit the Anne Frank House, the Giza Plateau, or the British Museum!!! So many choices from all over the world, it’s hard not to get swept away.

Visit Googles Arts and Culture for a collection of museum partners, bringing their treasures to you!!!

3. Wikipedia Racing

Who knew everyone’s go to for information for high school projects and just random information could make for a fun date night activity. Now a days everyone has their own handheld computer (hooray smartphones!!!) Why not whip them out for a night of fun!!! Here are the rules:

  1. Select two random pages (one as a start and one as the end)
  2. Using only the links on the pages see who gets to the end first

That is it!!! Simple right? Maybe not, just gotta be careful which link you click!!!

4. Cooking Together

This is a fun activity together or apart. This is a particular favorite of ours given that we love to cook. Just pick a recipe and cook it together. It is that easy!!! Then sit down and eat together, maybe throw on a movie to make an even more fun date night in.

5. Take a Class Together

Now this one might sound boring but if you have an interest in learning, well anything, this would be a great one for you. While this one does require a subscription, for less than a dollar a day you can have access to over 10,000 online lectures for almost any topic you can think of!!! From the sciences to learning a new language and anything in between you are sure to find a topic that will peak both of your interests on The Great Courses.

Up till now we have only tried a couple but we are so excited to try some more!!! If you have given any of these a try or have some other fun ideas give us a shout in the comments!!! Hope you find some time to reconnect through creative date nights!!!

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