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Crazy Family Life

A Little Crazy Goes a Long Way

There it is, the cray cray!  It has invaded my home like alien warships taking over earth. Is it a full moon? Who knows…  I relish the ten minutes of down time when all the kids make it outside at the same time.  I look at all these moms on Facebook or their blog posts where their kids are always so happy and mom has everything under control and I think to myself, “Geez, those are some awesome moms!”  Ha, I’m just kidding, I really say to myself, “Why can’t those moms be real and just be honest.”  Let’s face it, our kids aren’t perfect, they aren’t always happy and we don’t have everything under control. Who are they trying to kid?

Normal Crazy Family Moments

I will say it like it is. My kids scream at me when they are upset, sometimes I yell when I get upset, cooking with the kids is one big mess, and even our fun day trips have many moments filled with fighting and timeouts.  However at the end of the day we all give hugs before bedtime and say our I love yous.  So, in the end, our family finishes the day on a good note and we had a heck of a ride to get there.

Do you try to glam up your family life in the public eye?  Why?  It takes more energy for me to do that then to just be truthful and show our craziness.  I don’t have time to exert any more energy to making up a life I don’t really live. Let’s get real and help and support each other.

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