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Covid-19 and the need to quarantine has caused many changes to our day to day lives. People having to wear masks when out in public, social distancing, reduced hours at stores where we get our daily necessities and more! One of the most difficult transitions though, was the sudden switch from in class to online learning for our kids. It essentially happened over night. Kids went from the freedom of the playground to being fenced into the yard (and they thought staying home all day would be the best.) This transition caused many issues to spring up out of the blue. Some of the biggest came from our kids not understanding the circumstance.

We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Our kids lives turned topsy turvy in the blink of an eye. You know that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and Toto walk out after the tornado drops the house?

That is how it felt when our kids woke up to find that their entire lives changed. Everything was totally different. If you have ever had to tell a toddler no you understand the difficulty this situation presents. Kids do not understand why these changes have to happen.

I’m bored with it all…

Kids used to meet up for play dates, go to sleepovers, go shopping, or go on various outings. What about the extracurricular activities they were in? Activities moved to zoom if your kids were lucky; unfortunately still no more one on one, face to face interaction. Socialization took a major hit for them when families had to quarantine themselves. As we all know, kids need social interaction; and well so do we. Why do you think finding parent friends is so important? Gotta have someone to talk about all the crazy shenanigans your kids throw your way am I right?

Oh and let’s not forget the famous sentence of all kids:

I’m so bored!!! There is nothing fun to do around here!!!

That sentence in all its variations is the sore that all the salt gets poured into. What in the world do we do when we have all these toys, books, a pool, a big yard? Oh my heavens what to do?! Then we utter our famous response:

There are so many kids out there who don’t have anything. Think about that the next time you’re “bored.”

If your kids are like mine, they could go sun up to sun down with their nose inches away from a screen. Kids would become little goblins holed up in a cave if we let them, hissing at any light that isn’t filtered through a screen.

Oh, the joy we get giving them limits on screen and internet time (queue up internal evil laughter.) Boredom is only a part of the problem though…

Dad, you’re a…

A friend told me a story about a father who dealt with a tongue lashing from his young son. Being that school was still in session during quarantine he woke his son up at their normal schedule to get him ready for the day. The boy was upset that he had to get up early since they did not have to go in to school and decided to say “Dad, you’re an (I’m sure you can fill in the blank.)” Kids say the darnedest things…

Why did I tell that story? Well, I don’t know about you but for my kids there seems to be an automatic shift in their internal clock when they know they do not have to be physically present at school. Kids need a schedule and when a sudden change happens the adjustment is hard. For all they know not going to school physically means that school must be out; sounds pretty logical to me…

Problem is, unfortunately for all of us, it wasn’t. Problems abound for all in the household. Kids had to attend class via some app that no one can figure out how to use. Parents working from home now had coworkers who where even less considerate of time and space. Those who stayed at home now had to find a way to fit the school day into their daily activities. What about our essential workers? They now have to find people who were available to watch their kids. Talk about a stressful household…

Along with sleep disruption, my kids have decided now that they should be able to graze. Who needs a structured meal schedule; what a joke!!! Seriously though, it seems as though they think that if they are bored they need something in their mouth. Still working on this one…

Where do we go from here?

This pandemic has brought up quite a few difficulties in recent months. Unfortunately, we are not sure how long the need for quarantine is going to continue. There is quite a bit of fear surrounding reopening and starting to get life back to normal. Schools are debating whether to open partially or at all. Should we send kids back to school or continue to offer classes online? My husband and I made the decision to enter the boys into K12 online schooling for their safety as well as ours. As wonderful as this option is I know it is not viable for everyone, no matter how much I wish that was not so.

What about the parents out there with non school age kids who are at home because daycare is closed due to public quarantine policies. How do you manage to make sure your kids get the same education and care they receive while at daycare? My daughter works as an early childhood educator, particularly as an infant teacher, but has worked with children up to five years old. She is going to be writing posts strictly geared towards those age groups and share thoughts, ideas, and some fun how-to’s for you to do with your little ones.

Until next time stay safe and keep the chaos rolling!

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